IRONMAN 4X4 Pty. Ltd. warrants that its products are manufactured to S.A.E.- Society of Automotive Engineers – specifications for the particular product. IRONMAN 4X4 further warrants that all products sold here under are free from defects in material and workmanship.
IRONMAN 4X4 Pty. Ltd. will, at its sole option, repair or replace any products supplied by it which are found to be defective in either materials or workmanship providing that IRONMAN 4X4 Pty. Ltd. is actually notified in writing from Buyer of the alleged defect within ninety (90)days from the date of invoice. Any claim not made within this period shall conclusively be deemed waived by the Buyer. Repair or replacement is preconditioned on the examination of the goods by IRONMAN 4X4 Pty. Ltd. and, if requested by IRONMAN 4X4 Pty. Ltd. return of the goods to IRONMAN 4X4 Pty. Ltd.

No Products are to be returned to IRONMAN 4X4 Pty. Ltd. without its written consent, according to procedures outlined in this manual, and the receipt by the Buyer of specific shipping instructions. IRONMAN 4X4 Pty. Ltd. shall not be liable for any expense incurred by Buyer in order to remedy any defect in its products. IRONMAN 4X4 Pty. Ltd. shall not be liable for any consequential, special, in direct or contingent damage or expense arising directly or indirectly from any defect in its products or from use of any products. This warranty does not apply to (1) Goods bought for industrial, mining or agricultural use, (2) Goods bought for resupply or resale, (3) Goods no longer required by Buyer, (4) Goods incorrectly chosen by Buyer; or (5) Goods modified or altered by Buyer (including changing colour).

Except as set forth herein, and except as to title, it is expressly agreed (a) that there is no warranty or merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, nor other warranty express, implied or statutory nor any affirmation of fact, or promises by ironman 4x4 pty ltd. with reference to the goods which extends beyond the specifications, agreed upon by ironman 4x4 pty ltd. and the buyer and (b) that the buyer if any mutually acknowledges that it is purchasing the goods solely on the basis of the commitments of ironman 4x4 pty ltd. expressly set forth herein. no person is authorized to change or add to any of ironman 4x4 pty ltd.’s obligations underthis warranty in no event shall ironman 4x4 pty ltd. be liable for anticipated profits or for incidental or consequential damages.

Buyer agrees to indemnify and hold IRONMAN 4X4 Pty. Ltd. harmless from and against any loss, injury or damage, to person or property, that extends beyond the warranties set forth above, whether the claims against IRONMAN 4X4 Pty. Ltd. or the damages are incidental or consequential.

Accessories / Mining Accessories / Underbody Protection (Excluding Winches and ROPS) – 1 Year Warranty.
Premium Underbody Protection - 2 Year Warranty.
Monster Winch – 5 Year Warranty.
IceCube Fridge / Freezer - 3 Year Components, 5 Year Compressor Warranty.
Suspension (Excluding Shackles and Pins) 3 Year 60,000km Warranty.
Shackles and Pins – 3 Year Warranty.Ironman 4×4 warrants the original buyer, only when purchased new via authorised Ironman 4×4 resellers and distributors, from date of sale.

Product is warranted against defects in material or workmanship that cause the product to perform below the specified limits set by Ironman 4×4, to the extent that Ironman 4×4 will repair or replace any parts which are found to be defective.
All warranty claims must be submitted via original purchasing store or chain, unless otherwise arranged.
Proof of original purchase must be presented upon request.

Products may require to be returned to Ironman 4×4 for assessment or repair. Postage and removal costs involved are not the responsibility of Ironman 4×4, and may only be considered upon discretion by Ironman 4×4 in the event of such claim being verified.
The warranty does NOT apply where, 1) acts of neglect or misuse are evident, 2) product has been modified, 3) vehicles which are modified or not the recommended vehicle of use, 4) used in racing or competition conditions without the prior consent of Ironman 4×4, 5) used beyond the expectations of the original vehicle manufacturer.

Before installation of any product, please ensure you have received the correct parts for your application.
Ordering of the correct parts is the responsibility of the buyer. Return of a product in an un-used condition will attract a 15% restock fee, where Ironman 4×4 is not at fault.

Return of used or soiled product,
1) outside warranty period,
2) without fault, will result in refusal of your claim and be returned at buyer`s expense.

Damage to products through fitment error is not covered under warranty.