Foam Cell Pro - Performance

Foam Cell Pro - Performance

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Built with the foundation of Foam Cell Pro design, derived from work in the armoured vehicle industry, Ironman 4x4 have developed shock absorbers for MB Unimog trucks.

Featuring specially tuned smoother compression valving and greater rebound characteristics with power in reserve to control the most severe terrain.

Engineered with the strongest and most robust construction for off-road use, yet also offer a comfortable and predictive on road feel.

Serviceable construction allows for maintenance rebuilds or valve tuning, as well as easy interchange of specialist temperature grade oil for extreme cold climates.

  • 72mm outer body
  • 45mm diameter piston
  • 20mm chrome hardened piston rod
  • 3mm exterior tube thickness
  • 360 degree welded mounts
  • Rebuildable design
  • Integrated bump stop (on applicable models)
  • Solid one piece eye ring
  • Twin Tube Construction
  • Foam Cell Design