Pro-Forge Upper Control Arms

Pro-Forge Upper Control Arms

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Pro-Forge Upper Control Arm's guarantee optimised wheel alignment by correcting geometry following a suspension lift.

Unique and design registered, Ironman 4x4 Pro-Forge Control Arms exceeds all others in the market when it comes to fit, form and function.

Suitable for all Ironman 4x4 suspension lifts, the Pro-Forge Upper Control Arms can easily achieve more than 4° of Caster Correction which leaves plenty in reserve for larger lifts up to 3".

Compared to cast, machined or fabricated arms, the high strength forged alloy 6082 T6 results in a much more durable and robust product withstanding harsh terrain and conditions.

The rubber bushes and sealed ball joint are replaceable with OEM compatible or genuine components whilst the arm has integrated provisions for the sensor wire and brake hoses.


  • Optimise wheel alignment at raised ride height
  • More clearance for larger tyres and increased lift
  • Improved ball joint angle
  • High strength forged alloy 6082 T6 for durability
  • Easily achieve up to 4°+ of Caster Correction following suspension lift
  • Integrated provision for sensor wire and brake hoses
  • ADR and GVM upgrade compliant

All Pro-Forge Upper Control Arms are ADR Compliant, click here to see the ADR Compliance Statement.